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Anyone who has seen “Noises Off” knows the set is a star of the show, so maybe it’s a good time to acknowledge that designer Kate Sutton-Johnson, making her mainstage Guthrie debut, is a star herself.

Her wildly varied sets share a storytelling brio: a surreal swath of sky that seemed to double the size of Jungle Theater’s stage for “Constellations.” Found objects, including a rotting picnic table from her northeast Minneapolis backyard, that became an abandoned carnival of horrors for Theater Latté Da’s “Sweeney Todd.” A spin on old-timey theater marquees so beloved by the honchos of Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre that they dumped their planned logo for “Guys and Dolls” in favor of Sutton-Johnson’s work.

In “Noises Off,” opening Friday, the aggressively pink set is…continue reading

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